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Our approach to therapy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: Site Rules
People with Masks

Vaccinated Clinician

The occupational therapist is fully vaccinated to comply with local mandates as well as most safely provide services in-person.

Personal Protective Equipment

Masks will be worn by all clinicians present during all services during the pandemic, and gloves will be used in all therapeutic procedures that require them.

Hand Washing

All participants, including the OT and the family, will wash and/or hands before starting the session. Hand sanitizer and hand washing during and after session will also be available.

Health Screen for All Participants

All participants in the session will have a body temperature of less than 100 degrees F and not show signs or symptoms of illness during any in person session.


Teletherapy services will be available indefinitely as needed or requested by families. This will be updated if insurance mandates change rules for the use of teletherapy after the pandemic concludes.

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