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The Evolution of
Grow Play Thrive

Grow Play Thrive started as a school based occupational therapy service, which from 2015 grew to take place in over 15 Native Alaskan villages.  Services were provided in the Arctic Circle of Interior Alaska, along the Yukon River west of Anchorage, and in the Southeast Islands. During that time, the business was known as Arctic Circle Occupational Therapy (ACOT). 

In 2016, ACOT became the first pediatric occupational therapy outpatient clinic in Coronado, California, that supported the families of this unique island with their therapy needs with Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy. 

Relocation in 2021 transformed the business into Grow Play Thrive, which offered clinic based, home based, school based, and telehealth occupational therapy and lactation services in Hawai'i and Alaska.

In 2024, our clinician will begin an overseas tour providing occupational therapy for children. We are so grateful to have been able to provide services to clients in Hawai'i over the last 3 years!

A memory of our 2017 vacation at Hawaii’s most popular beach  - Waikiki_edited.jpg
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